Disinformation Consulting

Think disinformation is just a political problem? Think again.
Disinformation is big business, and it could be coming for yours.

Opinions are now formed and shared in digital spaces. What is your brand doing to control the digital narrative?

The loop between traditional advertising, a brand, and their audiences has been severed. Now business is exposed to digital narratives they can't control, and these narratives are highly vulnerable to disinformation.

Ed leads a team of digital brand damage and narrative building experts to help guide you through The Disinformation Age.

No matter your industry, you are exposed to the digital information disorder. We can help you navigate this brave new world.
You've worked hard to build your brand, don't let a disinformation campaign about you destroy the trust you've built.
Your stakeholders aren't engaging in the analogue era, they inhabit the digital ecosystem where disinformation thrives.
How do I protect my brand from disinformation?
  • Clear understanding of how it affects your business or community
    Many brands and communities assume disinformation is a political problem that happens overseas or at the fringes. You may be surprised to discover how your own community or business is in the firing line.
  • An audit of vulnerabilities
    Your exposure is not something you want to discover through a bad actor exploiting it. Ed leads a team of brand damage experts with decades of experience in finding and plugging vulnerabilities.
  • An actionable plan that starts today
    Waiting for disinformation to occur means that you are already too late. Preparing in advance is your best defence, and you need to be establishing your processes and laying the groundwork for your brand resilience.
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